It takes one person to make a difference in the life of a child.

By sharing fun activities and exposing a child to new experiences, mentors encourage positive choices, promote high self-esteem, support academic achievement and introduce their mentee to new ideas.
Clarke County Mentor Program
  Clarke County Mentor Program
September 2012 Newsletter

Meet Quindarious and Joe

Quindarious enjoys having a mentor to talk to about any subject he can think of. He doesn't mind that the Tuesday morning talks come at the expense of his French class. The mentor, Joe VanHoose, gladly gives up an hour at work to make the drive from downtown Athens to Hilsman Middle School. Just as Quin was looking for someone to talk to, Joe decided to make a difference in a young man's life. "I had so many positive adult influences on my life when I was Quin's age," Joe says. "I wanted to pay that wisdom I received forward."

Joe and Quin have met regularly since April, and the conversations are always a two-way street. So are the benefits. "Joe always brightens my day," said Quin, who just started the eighth grade. "He's taught me a lot of valuable lessons, and I know I've taught him a lot of things, too." Joe has received everything from video game tips to dating advice from Quin. The creativity between the duo may produce a great book one day. The positive outlook on life is contagious, too.

"It's just great to be around someone who has such a bright view of their future," Joe says of Quin. "It's always one of the best hours of my week." And that's a bit of a surprise. While Joe may have signed up for the Clarke County Mentor Program because of blind conviction – a mentor stopped by his office one day and sold him on the idea – he now plans to stay in the program as long as he's in the Classic City. "The experience has been nothing but rewarding," he said. "If you've ever thought about becoming a mentor, go for it."

Looking for a lot of good men (and women)

The Clarke County Mentor Program needs mentors of all ages (18 and over), both genders, and varied interests and skills. We have 500 Clarke County students waiting for a mentor! 80 % of our mentors are women, however, and there are many male students who could benefit from having a positive male influence.

Why mentor? By committing one hour a week to a child, you can build a relationship and make a huge impact. Through visits at school, games, meals and just hanging out, you can be a role model and extra interested adult in a child's life.

Eating lunch with your mentee?

The Clarke County School District is working to encourage students to eat more healthfully. This includes following USDA guidelines on whole grains, fruits and vegetables, etc. in the production of school lunches. You have several options: buy school lunch for yourself; bring prepared (preferably healthy) food in a container that DOES NOT display logos from fast food restaurants, or, if you want to bring fast food occasionally, ask your School Contact Person if there is a location outside the cafeteria where you can eat with your mentee. USDA has a "no compete" policy with fast-food businesses, we want mentors to be a role models for healthy eating, and it is unfair for other students who only have the school lunch option to watch the consumption of "happy meals" or similar.

Clarke Central hosts Mentor / Mentee Kick-off Lunch

Thank you to Kim Ness and Leo Cotlar (Communities in Schools staff and Mentor Program contact persons at Clarke Central High School) for co-hosting a 2012 Kick-off Lunch at CCHS. High-school mentees have busy schedules, and many mentors see their mentees outside school as well as at school. This was a good opportunity for mentors to reconnect with their mentees at the end of summer, meet other mentors, hear about CCHS events this fall, and ask questions about scheduling mentor visits and more.

Fall Mentor Trainings

  • Tuesday, September 11
  • Tuesday, October 9
  • Tuesday, November 11

Above trainings held at Athens Area Chamber of Commerce, 6:00-8:00 PM

  • Tuesday, September 18    7:00-9:00 PM, Creswell Hall, UGA
    (no Notary present)

Get Involved with Forever Young

If you are a UGA student and a CCMP mentor, Forever Young, our affiliated UGA student organization, wants you! Help recruit mentors, plan mentor/mentee events, and more. For more information, .


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  Clarke County Mentor Program

Quick Facts

Our program recruits and trains volunteers to serve as mentors to students in all of our public schools, K-12 grade. They function primarily as friends. We ask for a minimum of one hour per week for one school year, with the opportunity to continue for multiple years.