It takes one person to make a difference in the life of a child.

By sharing fun activities and exposing a child to new experiences, mentors encourage positive choices, promote high self-esteem, support academic achievement and introduce their mentee to new ideas.
Clarke County Mentor Program
  Summer 2013 Newsletter

2012-2013 By The Numbers…

  • 462 new mentors received training
  • 622 mentors visited their mentees
  • Over 7,000 mentor/mentee visits took place
  • 21 Clarke County schools supported mentors and mentees
  • 14 mentor training sessions were held
  • 25 presentations about CCMP were given to community groups
  • 3 mentor/mentee group events took place
  • 165 people attended the CCMP Fundraising Breakfast
  • 108% of projected income; 102% of projected expenses

The above was accomplished with 2 part-time staff, 18 Board members, 21 School Contact People, the support of the Athens Area Chamber of Commerce and the Clarke County School District, our generous donors, and most important, our volunteer mentors.

Tianna:  Then and Now

Cynthia Ballard is the School Counselor at Chase Street Elementary School, but she is also a long-time mentor with the Clarke County Mentor Program. Cynthia has been mentoring Tianna from the time she was in kindergarten (left), all the way through the 12th grade (right.) They have spent a lot of fun times together and have enjoyed participating in many outside of school activities! Tianna is a 2013 Honor Graduate and wants to attend Xavier University to pursue a career in dentistry.

Thank You Super Mentors!!!!

During the 2012-2013 school year, over 500 mentors have completed more than 7,000 visits with their mentees – – listening, guiding and goal-setting to help young people become successful adults. While CCMP is grateful to ALL our mentors, we would like to recognize some of our mentors who have frequent mentor-mentee visits. Quality and quantity are not the same, but it takes time and consistency to build a strong relationship with a young person.

Note: If you see your mentee outside of school, we may not know of the frequency of your visits; keep us informed! Also, some mentors started mid-year, and have been consistent since they began; we hope to see them recognized here next year after a full year of mentoring.

  • Margot Albin
  • Peter Alena
  • Brittany Arnold
  • Cynthia Ballard
  • Mary Barksdale
  • Jeffery Barnett
  • Adele Baugues
  • Helen Beckner
  • Adina Beiner
  • Barbara Benson
  • Arielle Berne
  • Taylor Berry
  • Dana Blair
  • Kyle Blocher
  • Leslie Boozer
  • Richard Brooks
  • Connie Bruce
  • Joea Bryant
  • Robert Burton
  • Kay Carnes
  • Emily Carr
  • Raina Chavis
  • Stuart Cofer
  • Stephanie Cohen
  • Alexis Cordero
  • Kaleigh Cordle
  • Tara Corley
  • Crystal Cotrell
  • Emily Cox
  • Douglas Cushner
  • Sara “Madalene” Dawson
  • Cathy Donohoe
  • Katherine Downs
  • Kris Fields
  • Blair Fine
  • Aubrie Fleming
  • Linda Fleming
  • Kay Fors
  • Mark Freeman
  • Jamie Gaither
  • Brett Gelfand
  • Madison Gogol
  • Clark Goss
  • Bralee Griffin
  • Olivia Hafliger
  • Lindsay Hall
  • Imani Handy
  • Patricia Hendrickson
  • Katherine Herndon
  • Camilla Herndon
  • Samuel Hine
  • Tim Hinkle
  • Hayley Hinson
  • Elizabeth Holland
  • Ainsley Holyfield
  • Carol Jeanne Hood
  • Jessica Hook
  • Erin Horn
  • Emily Howard
  • Christian Hughes
  • Kaitlyn Hyde
  • Annette Jackson
  • Lauren Jackson
  • Raquelle James
  • Kevin James
  • Peter Kalla
  • Helen Kalla
  • Byron Kenney
  • Emily Kisor
  • Emma Krass
  • Rachel Kusin
  • Mary Lane
  • John Langone
  • Annabelle Larkin
  • Haywood “Scott” Lowry
  • Mildred Lyle
  • Ann Malloy
  • Mattie Malloy
  • Kristine Martin
  • Janet Martin
  • Indidra Martinez
  • Michael McConnell
  • Virginia McKenna
  • Abby Meadors
  • Angela Megaw
  • Barbara Michalove
  • Jon Alva Murphy
  • Maggie Napoli
  • Christie Nettle
  • Ivy Odom
  • Lisa Oelke
  • Annette Ogletree-McDougal
  • Sekali Patel
  • Nital Patel
  • Brittany Penson
  • Deborah Perry
  • Mackenzie “Taylor” Perry
  • Melissa Peterson
  • Rick Pittard
  • Madison Pumphrey
  • Anna Quinn
  • Sarah Rech
  • Kalpana Reddy
  • Olivia Reed
  • Sabine Schartman
  • Buckley Screws
  • Katrina Sharp
  • Jodie “Brooke” Shedd
  • Laura Shepard
  • Liz Shinn
  • Jordan Shows
  • Samantha Sick
  • Eulora Skelton
  • Khalan Slade
  • Pamela Smith
  • Mara Steine
  • Tod Stewart
  • Nikki Stuenkel
  • Sheila Sweeny
  • Margaret Swindall
  • Kunal Tanna
  • Max Tarica
  • Stephanie Thomas
  • Hadley Thompson
  • Julia Thompson
  • Karen Tinsley
  • Heather Tucker
  • JoeTurnell
  • Lana BethTurner
  • Virgina Van Ingen
  • Joe VanHoose
  • Danielle Volante
  • Marcie Walker
  • Tiffany Weatherholtz
  • Mollie Weaver
  • Larkin Whitaker
  • Caleb Williams
  • Susan Williams
  • KaylaWilliams
  • Laura Williams
  • John Wittmeyer
  • Susan Wittmeyer
  • Katherine Wolpert
  • Stanley Wyre
  • Anna Katherine Yarger
  • Zoe Yurchuck

YoDawgs Loves Mentors

YoDawgs Loves Mentors

The owners of YoDawgs Frozen Yogurt, 723 Baxter Street, are former mentors and educators and want to support mentoring. Mention that you are a mentor with CCMP, and you will receive a 25% discount. Super mentors (above article) received postcards that entitle them to 50% off yogurt treats for themselves and a friend through August 31, 2013.

Welcome New CCMP Board Members

  • Debbie Crowe – Independent Hospice & Home Care Consultant
  • Angela Megaw – Head Librarian & Assoc. Prof. of Library Science, University of North Georgia; mentor
  • Lee Eunice Smith – Manager, Advantage Behavioral Health Systems (retired)
  • Kim Turner – School Counselor, Hilsman Middle School
  • Blake Watts – Vice Pres. of Physician and Professional Services, St. Mary's Health Care System

There is still time… for summer activities

Bear Hallow Zoo
  • July 12-13 – "Into the Woods ", Morton Theatre
  • July 13 & 14 – Athens Dawg Derby (dog relay racing), Classic Center
  • August 7 – Athens Brass Choir Concert, Botanical Gardens
  • Ongoing:
  • Tuesdays, 2:00 – Tours of UGA Special Collections Library
  • Wednesdays, 3:30 – Pop-In Playtime (ages 11 and under), Pump It Up
  • Saturdays, 1:00-4:00 – Open Exhibit Hall, Bear Hollow Zoo
  • Saturdays & Sundays, 1:00-5:00 – Canoe/Kayak/Paddleboard rentals, Sandy Creek Park

For details, visit

2013-2014 Mentor Training Dates Announced

  • Tuesday, August 20
  • Tuesday, September 10
  • Wednesday, October 9
  • Tuesday, November 12
  • Tuesday, January 14
  • Tuesday, February 10

All trainings take place from 6:00-8:00 PM at the Athens Area Chamber of Commerce.

Donate Now!

We are now able to accept online donations through our website and would appreciate your support. Funds help us recruit, train and support mentors to match with Clarke County School District students who would benefit from having a role model, listener and friend.


Thanks to Our Sponsors

Athens Area Chamber of Commerce
Athens Regional Health System
Bell's Food Stores
Ed Benson
Carson Advisory Inc.
Emmanuel Episcopal Church
Fire and Flavor
Betty & Davis Fitzgerald Foundation
Georgia Power Foundation

Kroger Foundation
Lois & Lucy Lampkin Foundation
The Newland Family Foundation
Publix Super Markets Charities
Sentry Self Storage
St. Mary's Heath Care System
Trinity Accounting Group
Wells Fargo

The Adsmith
Ron & Lisa Brill Charitable Trust
Cofer’s Home & Garden
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Georgia United Credit Union
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Jittery Joe’s Coffee

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  Clarke County Mentor Program

Quick Facts

Our program recruits and trains volunteers to serve as mentors to students in all of our public schools, K-12 grade. They function primarily as friends. We ask for a minimum of one hour per week for one school year, with the opportunity to continue for multiple years.